My Fair Lady

No one likes a country fair more than this girl everyone?, so I was so excited to take Rosie to her first real one this weekend in a neighboring town. Bring on the fried dough, piglets, tractor pulls and shaky carnival rides assembled in a just a few short hours (such danger!)

Get your fair chariot ready.


Is it terrible that I can’t get over how handy those Cupholders are because I’ve put solo cups of beer and wine in them?! (No? I knew I liked you ladies!)


Sorry these pigs are NOT for sale, guys. They WILL be here next year at the BBQ tent, though.

This is the sweaty glazed eyed look I got after pointing out about 57 chickens to Rosie. She’s pretty over them at this point and doesn’t understand why I won’t let her eat some of the hay they’re sitting on.


I probably should’ve heeded this obvious warning (‘Mom, step off.’), because moments later she hurled my baked potato (laden with orange cheese sauce and butter and sour cream and all that’s right and good in the world) onto the dirt.


The fastest carousel in the world (which my mom graciously rode with my daughter) has sculptures of Willem Dafoe?!


And finally, this is what happens. Her little face stained draino blue from a corn syrup laden snow cone. Ah, bliss!


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